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Birth Trauma - Remembering the Child Within

"How can I possibly remember this trauma that comes solely through family stories?"

As an Aquarian Septuagenarian, I tell my story in the event that you find it worthy of your interest and as an example of the many faceted layers of our psyches and the uniqueness of every human being. A key to happiness is acceptance of our innate nature.

The womb at best is a peaceful preparation for entrance into this often-chaotic world. Yet even in the gentle rocking of the amniotic fluid, our mother's concerns, nutrition, possible trauma or other less than optimal conditions play a subtle role in the developing DNA structures of the budding being.

Our parasympathetic nervous system responds to alerts triggering the fight or flight production of neuro-chemicals that drive self-preservation. The growing body of research ties early developmental stressors to impairment in bonding and difficulties in sustaining states of felt safety and trust. Our brain, with its one hundred billion neurons along with massive neurons in the solar plexus, carries patterns of readiness for self-defense - a fight to survive. Read More

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