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Remembering The Child Within-On Being Age 5

As I spend time with my five year old grandson, I am honored with the pleasure of observing and evoking snippets of memory of what it was like to be five. The free-spirited girl who loved to safely play among the filbert trees in our rather large backyard and create imaginative scenes with my favorite dolls allows me recall the light-hardheartedness and trusting young girl. She still remains integral in my sense of being and encoded in my DNA. In that play, I was a girl who didn't worry about how I looked, or what my brothers might be doing. Like my grandson, as I played, I was in the moment Being me. Joyful, safe, creating, loving my dolls, in his case Lego Mixels, fully engaged in the moment. The beauty of remembered positive moments in childhood is a reminder of our capacity to be the trusting and innovate child within, with the wisdom of our experience as we continue allowing that joy and creativity to be an integral part of our daily experience. Traumatic memories can be transformed with the assistance of current cognitive behavioral psychology that combine with cutting edge metaphysical tools, the Gene Keys, to transform our understanding and responses in our daily life and relationships. It takes tremendous and counterproductive energy to suppress that which can be released. Speaking of our DNA, our billions of neurons in our brain and about 1/3 as many more, in our gut, hold a data bank of experiences, whether we remember them or not. In those early years of our development, as our neural pathways are developing cognitive perceptions, our neurons primarily record physical/motor responses. A baby knows discomfort and comfort, fullness, and hunger as he/she responds to bonding with others, smiling and cooing. I encourage you to remember the beautiful five year old that you were. If you like, please tell me what you recall. Email: or Post on my Facebook Healing Psychotherapy & Metaphysical Services

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