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Communications Beyond the Veil

Self-Actualizing After Passing


                                                                                           In understanding that there is One Consciousness, beliefs about karma and                                                                                                    reincarnation are dispelled. In this era of higher vibrational being we

                                                                                           understand that there is neither birth nor death, but simply the energy that

                                                                                           embodies our human form.


                                                                                           Kathleen Joy, as an intuitive, is blessed with the ability to converse with those

                                                                                           beyond the veil of the human body. The mission is to facilitate simultaneous

                                                                                           facilitate healing of her clients and departed beings who appear for mutual                                                                                                       healing.                                 


                                                                                           This work arises at a time when the expanded research in quantum physics,

                                                                                           the neurochemical mind/body connection, DNA, and behavioral psychology

                                                                                           come together to bring a broader perspective of our life purpose and our place

                                                                                           within our family and culture.

With 40 years of experience, she brings numerous mind/body trainings, energy related trainings, and an understanding of group dynamics and systems. Paramount to her expanded vision are the work of Richard Rudd, the Gene Keys and Ra Uhu Ru of Human System Design who bring light to the interrelated beauty of astrology, genetics and the ancient I Ching.


Our dualistic nature, is demonstrated in the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, with the dynamic tension of yin and yang in the six lines of each symbol. As we raise our vibrational understanding of dualism, we are capable of being in a quantum field, without polarity and free of the push-pull of dualism. It is in this quantum field that we experience, even if only for as little as 7 seconds, the true nature of the One Consciousness.


As conversations beyond the veil take place, those who are without physical bodies choose to communicate with us and in so doing, heal concerns that they have taken with them in their passing. There is mutual quantum healing, at a pace that is comfortable for both parties.


In quantum movement, out of the presence of each, the benefits of the healing ripple forward and backward in what we perceive as time.


Kathleen Joy’s Communication Beyond the Veil work is best experienced while doing your personal examination of your life purpose as it is rooted in the gene keys. Individual and group sessions are available.


If your spirit is calling you for attention to your authentic self, feel free to contact 

Courage Under Siege: Uncertainty to Clarity


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Self Actualizing After Passing

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