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Living with Purpose

A spiritual journey that is capable of allowing “complete physical relaxation in which every molecule of DNA inside your being is functioning at its optimal frequency.” Richard Rudd

For a few years now, I have grown into full acceptance of the systems that show programming of our life wound, life work, and purpose at the time of our conception. We know from astrology the influences of the sun, moon, and planets on our daily experience of being. In direct correlation to astrology is the I Ching of the ancient Vedic wisdom of the rhythms of the cosmos. Scholars of the Kabbalah found correlation between astrology and the path of the Tree of Life.

In 1987, Ra Uhu Ru received transmissions of understanding that correlated the I Ching, Astrology, and the 64 codons in our genetic make-up. His work culminated in the Human Design System.

Richard Rudd, a spiritual seeker who, for several years studied and practiced with Ra, came to further understanding of our metaphysical nature. He gives us beautiful tools to contemplate and live our personal journeys for higher expression of our individual experience of being. He describes the 64 Gene Keys, or codons, from levels of Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi. These tools allow us to bring into alignment our most natural experience and expression of our being.

Your hologenetic profile offered at no cost shows your personal genetic programming. Your place and time of birth are necessary to create this chart. If you are interested in knowing more, I offer individual and small groups to explore your journey. Learn to trust and enjoy opening your heart to your true self.

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