Inner Integrity Trumps Denial! Time To Re-Calibrate and Remember Your Inner GPS?

How is it that our inner lighthouse can keep us moving in the best possible direction, even during stormy and trying times?

Survival is encoded in our DNA. Our biology, our autonomic nervous systems, when triggered, goes into fight or flight mode. Our biological systems close down in response to what is sensed as possible danger. For those of us 50+, our systems can become inaccurate and over-reactive resulting in underlying stress or difficulty in making clear decisions. If you carry stress, even in the best of times, you may want to clear away and re-calibrate your daily inner responses.

-You can change your mindset.

-You can transform old triggered responses.

-You can open to healthier inner states of clarity and ease.

Inner integrity trumps denial! Have you been putting your fears, joy, enthusiasm, spontaneity in a box that feel locked up inside you? CLICK HERE to take a quick quiz.

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