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Mirror, Mirror…

“Every human being carries the entire evolutionary memory of humanity within their body…we are unconsciously driven by this memory.” Richard Rudd

What reflection do you see when you are speaking with another? Do they reflect the positive side of your nature? Or the hidden shadow of your worst fears about your self? Do you project an ugliness on them that is your own hidden ugly beliefs and perceptions, pushed down and out of your awareness.

The species saving difference between the Neanderthal Man and Homo Sapiens is our social nature as humans - our ability to form lifesaving communities. Hard wired with mirror neurons, the believed site of empathy in our brain, our DNA carries the capacity to sustain life, and to evolve.

The greatest lesson in opening to our shadow is seeing the self-held myths, inherent in our DNA - waiting to be dispelled by the light of our innate being. Our reflections are a paradox and hold humorous rewards.

Stay tuned for upcoming small group sessions on working with shadows through the beautiful Gene Keys – Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA by Richard Rudd.



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