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Remembering the Boy - In the Woods

When I was a child we spent summers in Hampton Bays at my grandparents' cottage. It faced a spring-fed creek that flowed out to Shinnecock Bay.

The earliest experience, of which I have no recollection, was when my mother and I spent the hurricane of 1938 in a closet in the cottage.

My earliest memory is of spending time outside, beyond the back yard of the cottage in a wooded half acre where small oak trees grew. Sitting on the ground, I enjoyed the quiet solitude, the ambient sounds, the sight and sounds of birds, squirrels, the occasional chip-monk or rabbit.

I also spent time walking around looking for the rare Indian Pipe plant growing through the leaf litter. On the best of days I would find a box turtle which I sometimes took with me, returning it to where I had found it after taking care of it for a few days.

I feel that the peace and tranquility, the sense of wonder that these experiences brought to me, have helped guide me though my later life, all of which came to me through grace.

peter h.

I invite you to send me your story of a moment of happiness as a child. I reserve the right to use your “moment” in a future blog in complete confidence unless you choose to add your name or initials. Email Kathleen

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