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Remembering The Girl In The Filbert Orchard

The small filbert orchard behind our house was magical. The trees were small enough that as a four-year- old I could climb into them and be heads-above everyone else; I could hide within the foliage of the double-serrate margins of the rounded leaves and see my future. I wasn’t alone. There was Diane, my favorite doll, and then there were the spirits of the trees. I found happiness and peace in these times.

As a young girl, I silently celebrated an open, loving heart within the folds of nature and spirit. Years later after several traumas left me filled with underlying stress it was deeply embedded until I began to heal with the help of wellness practitioners and committed inner work. As my heart began to trust and open again, I brought back into her awareness the physical experience of that peace and happiness – reclaiming my loving, trusting, inner child.

If you would like to share your story of a moment of happiness as a child, I invite you to email it to me. I reserve the right to use your “moment” in a future blog in complete confidentiality. Email Kathleen

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