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Summer 2016

Cascade Head, OR

“…to be an easel for the imagination of the universe itself.” Richard Rudd

With cooling weather come thoughts of a change of pace for the fall. I look forward to offering Remember the Inner Child Within work at Joshua’s Place in a 3 part series on Tuesdays, September 20, 27 and October 4. 7:00- 8:30 PM. Link to flier

We gain physiological and psychological benefits by bringing awareness to the areas in our body where we carry stress, noting what might be held there. Often a memory will pop into mind – coming out of our body’s wisdom.

Many of us, without realizing, find our self in states of vigilance, tension, or feeling “stuck” that impacts our overall wellness.

The amazing beauty of our body is our ability to alter old patterns that trigger stress, without cause.

Remembering moments of childhood that we hold in our physical and mental memory – spiritual moments when we felt at one with the world and self-contained, we can re-experience the peace of those moments.

They are experiences of our wholeness and connection to the one consciousness of which we all are.

"Each time I recall one of those moments of grace from my early years, it as if that girl in me comes home - permanently. The feel of the memory reintegrates into my on-going experience, opening my imagination and joy in life." Kathleen

If this interests you, I will be delighted to have you join me.The size of the group is limited due to the nature of the work."

P 518, Rudd, Richard, Gene Keys Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA, Watkins Media Limited, 2015

Photo - Hiking the Head, Cascade Head OR, by Kathleen

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