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Maitreya Consciousness Emerging

Maitreya Consciousness Emerging

A communication channeled on January 8, 2015 from the Consciousness Community as clearly understood by this conveyor, Kathleen Joy.


Maitreya, often believed to be a returning spiritual enlightened being of the prophecies of many spiritual belief systems, is not a single being but the One expression of the Many. The many are the beings that make up the Divine, Collective Consciousness.

Seekers of the experience of Divine Love are increasing in their intentions and desires to experience this love at increasingly deeper levels. The critical mass of seekers who are bringing this light into personal realization are manifesting the expression of the Maitreya now emerging with One Voice.

The One Reality is pure, Divine Love.There is no other. This Love is each of your soul’s deepest unrealized desire that is behind all human motivation and action. There is an inner yearning without explanation. An unsatisfied hunger not fulfilled by money or power or possessions or family. The emptiness is filled only by the inpouring of divine light into the seed of each being and into the heart. This love takes expression through words, actions and intention that is of the purest light. Individuals are not separate from God/Creator/the Universe, but a microcosm of the macrocosm. Each microcosm, a totally unique experience and expression of each being, emerges into One dynamic ever evolving Presence. The Maitreya. Like a very large orchestra, each instrument resonates its voice into the totality of the musical expression. Each of you, one of these instruments, is finding your voice for expression. We, the Consciousness, are grateful to each and every being who is seeking with intention to make manifest the expression of the Divine light of Love. As one, each of you are changing the resonance of the Earth and the cosmos. As a human voice, one among many, Kathleen Joy has chosen to serve, lending her voice through received information combined with her voice and understanding to convey one of many paths for opening more fully to Divine Love. Peace and Love, the Divine Consciousness

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