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Metaphysical Psychotherapy

Dec. 31, 2014

One Voice comes to us from the Divine Consciousness that is the collective of all beings and all creation on the planet, and beyond. Within that One Voice are our individual expressions that are totally unique to each being. This is a monumental time in human consciousness because vibrational levels on the planet as well as in within we individuals allows each of us to more fully participate mindfully in the expression of Divine Consciousness. From the Jungian perspective on the Psyche, our Persona and Shadow are being released as the core of our being, the Self/Non-Self emerges for integration and Actualization. It may seem a paradox that losing the Persona/Shadow or Ego/Unconscious in Freudian terms, brings us into the fullness of creation and the knowledge and expression of Divine Love. Yet, our individual uniqueness remains and expresses its being as an integral part of the whole. In the developing field of Metaphysical Psychotherapy, the therapist communicates through his/her emerging Self/Non-Self and Divine Consciousness to participate in and reflect back to the client an acceptance of the clients recognition of the shadow and false sense of self in the persona, to verbalize these mis-perceptions and permanently release them from the psyche. Emerging into Self involves the entire being on a physical, emotional and intellectual level and brings about significant change in the experience of Being. Not a process that can be rushed into as it is synchronized within Divine Consciousness. The client receives significant information and a safe harbor for exploration of the deepest shadow regions of their soul and a release of persona "templates" that have defined who they are. Actualization allows the individual to reclaim intuitive abilities to live and act in the experience of their very uniqueness.

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