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Choosing Peace and Happiness

Choosing Peace and Happiness

A curious aspect of human nature is to adapt to chaos and then when things get too quiet or sweet, we seek new chaos to return to the level of (dis)comfort we are most familiar with - dis-ease that may have become a life-long pattern. We are called to action to cultivate and live in Peace and Happiness. Photonic shifts are occurring in the cosmos that create higher vibrational levels of Being. The earth is shifting energetically as well as all living organisms that inhabit the earth. The shifts are a call to bring awareness to existing patterns of Dis-Ease and consciously choose to cultivate Ease. Begin by cultivating times of quiet and presence. Understanding of ease comes not from the cerebral cortex, but from the physical body's entire response to patterns that allow the muscles, fascia connective tissue, neurochemical rebalancing and all bodily functions to experience ease. No longer in a flight/fight pattern or one of vigilance, the mind becomes quiet, breathing freely as the entire body opens to awareness and presence in that moment. Guided meditation, silent meditation, certain Yogic practices are among significant avenues for quieting. Being in the present moment stops the churning of the "monkey mind" or remembering the past or creating scenarios about future conversations. It is simply quiet. Aware of the breath, stillness and a moment of peace....Being is found at a higher vibrational level.

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