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AURA-SOMA®/Energy Therapeutics


Essences derived from plants and minerals with hues of color that resonate with our chakra levels were created by Vicky Wall, a British, Hassidic physician who became blind as the result of complications from diabetes.  As a child, she walked in beautiful flower gardens with her father, learning and sensing the qualities of flowers and herbs.   In her blindness, she could identify friends coming into her auric field by the configuration and colors of their auric fields.  She became inspired to create the first 98 two-colored crystal bottles of liquids in 1984.  Her Pomander essences each contain 49 herb and flower essences.


The bottle you selected relates directly to your own personal path and your need at this time or in the future.  In Aura-Soma readings you will be asked to select four bottles as they relate to your personal spiritual journey and your individual "soul star".


High quality organic (bio-dynamic) naturally colored essential oils and herbal extracts in pure water with the energies of Chalice Well (Glastonbury, England) are used in production at Dev Aura, Teford UK.  Crystals and minerals are in both upper and lower phases of the crystal equilibrium bottles . A Kabbalah blessing is intended into the bottle as well. The bottle shown is #108 Archangel Jeremiel.


Mike Booth became a constant companion to Vicky and went on to create the many products that exist today.  Aura-soma is created in relation to ancient wisdom such as the Kabbalah, The Tree of Life, tarot and Chinese I Ching.


AURA-SOMA® Color Consultations are provided upon request. 


Color consultations include the selection of 4 Equilibrium bottles from the 111 Aura-Soma Balance Bottles.  Kathleen Joy interprets, with your feedback, what your selection is revealing based on the meaning of the bottle combination and an understanding of the chakra system.


Pomanders and Quintessences featured in the Shopping Cart provide a full spectrum of essences.  Daily use can include selecting the color of essences that appeals to you.  Spray a small amount on your wrist, if a Quintessence, or on your palm, of a Pomander and allow the essences to enhance your auric field.  A gentle system for enhancing your energetic subtle energy.  Interpretations of the Poms and Quints are included in the Presentation sets. 


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Color, chakra, energy medicine, vibration, Master El Morya, St. Germain, St. Michael
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