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Optimal Being – has been Kathleen's personal endeavor since the late '80s. Her work incorporates the integration of energy psychology, neuroscience and metaphysical tools for simple and effective experiential coaching to ease you into the release of counter-productive patterns that impede your prosperity.


Kathleen facilitates insight into your self-navigation system, or inner GPS, to break past barriers that may relate to life-long, or even inherited patterns, that remain afloat in your subconscious mind and cellular memory. With the passing of time and accumulated experience, there is often a need to re-calibrate your internal drive to enhance your joyful and fulfilling life.


She is the former owner of 4 successful entrepreneurial-based businesses and holds a Master of Arts degree in Educational Psychology and Counseling, the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, with undergraduate majors in Psychology and Sociology.


Books Published: Courage Under Siege from Understanding to Clarity, 2018 and Positively You! Tools to End Self-Sabotage, 2001



Kathleen is available for speaking engagements that include the topics of Your Life Work Encoded in Your DNA and Re-calibrating Your Inner GPS.


Subsequent training in her 30+ years of experience includes Gestalt Therapy and family mapping, Jungian psychology, Developmental Psychology and Erik Erikson's work on Individuation and Self-Actualization, Family Systems, DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Organic Intelligence, and Level III Certification in Addiction Counseling. Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Zen Buddhism practice, conscious social activism, Aura Soma Level III practitioner and Reiki II practitioner and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) training, the Gene Keys and Human Design, and extensive study in a broad spectrum of psychology practice and research as well as studies in the esoteric and metaphysical field. She is a member of the Gene Keys Ambassador Circle.



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