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Remembering Your Child Within Project


An experiential therapy to remember positive childhood memories of your authentic self in a relaxed and meditative setting that facilitates deep, lasting internal, stress-free states. These memories are often overshadowed by a lifetime of stressors that trigger unnecessary responses, keeping us "stuck" in patterns that interfere with productivity, happiness, and ease.


Our brain and body become “wired” in these experiences by automatic responses to various triggers.

The result is an inner tension that hovers deeply within to cause a repeating over-reaction in triggering situations, or even worse, a continuous inner tension even when life is going well.


Remembering Your Child Within project teaches a simple technique to recognize your tension-causing

responses and switch them to calmer, centered states of presence.


~ ~ ~

How Kathleen will guide you in your Self-discovery:

* Ground your body’s energy as you relax into wholeness


* Bring awareness to the physical symptoms that emerge when you are centered and present


* Recall a time in early childhood when you were self-contained – in a state of presence


* Enjoy your memory of wholeness as a lasting inner resource


*Release myths and beliefs that no longer serve your well-being


~ ~ ~

Healing that you may experience:

~ Grounding in a comfortable way

~Listening to the language of your body

~ Feeling safe to open to what arises

~ Being supportive in your self-discovery

Learning new tools for self-exploration

~ Sharing your  positive memories with others

~ ~ ~


How it works - As social beings, we rely on interactions with one another to orient our place in the community. Current research in neuroscience and psychology links the importance of the body's autonomic nervous system to mirror neurons in the insula of the superior temporal cortex, mid-pre-fontal cortex of the brain, and the primary site of human empathy. These neurons communicate with neurons from the autonomic nervous system that run through our body's neuro fibers of the vagus nerve. When significant stress occurs, the body goes into a fight-or-flight response as a means of self-preservation. This response re-triggers without rational cause. We can change these responses.


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~ Give voice to your authentic self ~

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