Opening to Consciousness

Living and navigating our human experience while being as fully present as possible brings with it intriguing and often surprising and significant satisfying changes that occur spontaneously. Unlike experiences focused on a plan, a strategy and an anticipated outcome that may be analyzed and evaluated, the experiences in the moment, in presence, are instant and deeply felt in coordination with our brain as it incorporates our total physical experience as well.


By our very nature, we create and learn "stories" to explain our experiences as we navigate through life. These stories help us find a context. Many of us seek answers to the discomfort and dis-ease with inner knowing and hope that we may transcend our story.


Karl Jung proposed a paradigm of the psyche:  A core self, in current terms, the I AM, is encased within the Persona or Freudian ego and the Shadow or Freudian unconscious. We are challenged frequently throughout life to remain within our story or create new stories rather than dare to open to the true Self – the I AM. We are biologically and emotionally wired with default patterns that sustain our discomfort and dis-ease, yet this same “wiring” has the ability to re-boot and transmute into wholeness.


In the century following Jung and his peers, quantum physics, the discovery of DNA, and neuropsychology bring understanding to the role of the physical body and awareness of our existence as it is influenced by interpersonal and cosmic events. A century ago Teilhard de Chardin wrote of a cosmic consciousness and the future convergence of science and religion.


We are learning that as the self is nurtured and allowed expression, the stories of the persona and the fears, rage and darker perceptions hidden in the shadow can transmute. The growing transformation of these stories and myths bring spiritual opening and enhanced awareness and experience of our unity with all that is.


Grounding for Emergence of Self

Every breath can be a prayer as we bring our intention into clarity. What is your prayer? Money, Fame, Being a Change Maker for the benefit of the Earth and Mankind, Living in Integrity, Constantly Learning, to name a few?


There is no true separateness, only the experience of standing alone in the midst of the Unity of All That Is. In standing alone we, in silence and with open heart, hear and experience our infinite nature that is currently in this body and mind as a vehicle for the experience of the magnificence and challenges and sometimes horror that is our limited perception of the vast whole.


Being grounded is key to opening to clarity. Memories of past painful events, birth trauma, PTSD, illness, loss of loved one, financial difficulty are carried in our cells and neurons. To transform or transmute these bodily held memories, we learn to allow our self to come fully into awareness on a cellular level for experience and release. 


The Shadow Brought Into Light

An astoundingly beautiful function of our bodies is the mirror neurons located in the frontal and parietal regions of our cortex. They are the source of our capacity for empathy. As we mirror with another or a group of others, we can experience that which is hidden within our shadow. Curiously, the other(s) is a mirror for us to see that which we are afraid to see in our Self.


Alongside the mirror neurons are the neurons of the autonomic nervous system that move us to fight or flight actions. As they are activated and triggered by empathic attunement with another, we bring awareness to and recognize our emotional and physical patterns. We transmute them by understanding and then releasing these deeply held shadow perceptions.


In our opening to consciousness we experience the beauty and uniqueness of  I AM.

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