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Opening to Consciousness

Living and navigating your life experience while being as present allows intriguing and significant spontaneous change. Synchronicities arise. Being in the moment, in presence, allows space for innate insight to arise.

You integrate your heart and body for total physical awareness. This is embodiment.

We create and learn "stories" to explain our experiences as we navigate through life. These stories provide context. When the stories no longer serve you, you hold the capacity to bring significant change. Through contemplation and self-understanding, awareness opens the door to insight and embodiment.

​Embedded within you is your true Self – the I AM. Biological and emotional patterns become wired as default settings.

These protect and sustain your discomfort and dis-ease. This “wiring” can be re-booted to transmute your experiences for wholeness. It allows you to remember your innate self-expression and purpose for being.


Grounding into your Emergence of Self


Each of us is a multi-dimensional expression of consciousness. Our physical body includes layers of thought, emotion, and sensation. The subtle, etheric energy includes the causal, buddhic, and atmic planes. Embodiment is a practice that allows the physical and etheric planes to integrate into the experiences of the Mondic plane. It cultivates the evolving clarity of your I Am, your life work, and your purpose emerging into the full expression of your uniqueness and genius.


Are you called by a desire for wholeness? Do you have a sense of knowing that you have more within you waiting, calling for expression?

Along the path of actualization and embodiment, there is no true separateness. It is the experience of being as one with the Unity of All That Is


In our opening to consciousness, you experience the beauty and uniqueness of  I AM.

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