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Born to Be

The Backstory: In a small, studio cottage beside Shinnecock Bay, some 35 years ago, in this small retreat, I sought insight into my deep struggle and a seemingly impossible life. I stole hours away from my job and family to meditate and study the sources of knowledge that I respected. I hoped to find congruence in the words of Carl Jung, and his concepts of the Persona - Self - Shadow. I was sitting in my SHADOW with a sense that my SELF could be reclaimed in faith and quiet reflection. The blessing arrived bringing coherence on mental, physical, and emotional levels.

I experienced resonant and deep understanding of interdependence.

I saw how words spoken, actions taken, and our body language and tone of voice are expressions that carry impact on the whole. I saw optimal ways to better work together in ways that benefit each individual person and dynamically affect the whole of our humanity. I rolled the word MUTUALITY in my mind with tongue and heart loving the possibilities. Mutuality honors each individual in their imperfect/perfect expression of self. (You may want to reflect back if you are of an age to remember that this was not a common thought or experience.)

My behavioral psychology training, study of Erik Erikson‘s self-actualization, Carl Jung’s extensive works on Individuation, and spiritual writings of Teilhard De Chardin who saw science and religion as non-parallel lines converging to common understanding at some point in time, contributed to a clarity that helped me move forward. I saw my life work relating to interdependence among others as my way to make a greater difference.

Out of this vision and broadening understanding comes my pleasure to introduce SynarchyNY, LLC and this new website,

Synarchy is a self-organizing model that works through Universal synchronicity.

Within Synarchy, power pulses through the whole and no part within the whole sees itself nor behaves separately.

Prosperity comes as each individual grows into and lives their inner purpose, contributing to the collective whole.

It is my mission and pleasure to provide a confidential and individualized program that allows you to maintain your current life style while stepping into higher levels of integration of your DNA encoded true self. I will be honored to serve you as your cicerone along your path to living in your highest potential along your Path to Harmonious Power.

You can take a complimentary quiz: "Is Your Current "MO" Out of Alignment iwth Your DNA Embedded True-Self? Click her to take the Quiz.

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