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Our Body's Wisdom holds all the information it needs to allow us to Live in a Place of Wholeness

PART TWO: A workshop to:

  • Open your beautiful heart,

  • Safely recognize old counterproductive patterns,

  • Participate in an interactive and contemplative journey into Authentic You!

Embedded in our very cells are our thoughts, experiences, sensations, and actions that respond to our unconscious mind and our physical body. Becoming still, centered, and listening to our physical sensations - we can allow new and gentle understanding of our authentic self. Based on the paradigm of Carl Jung’s understanding of the psyche – our persona, shadow, and self, and a peaceful meditation of soul-discovery, you will experience grounding at a deeper level, opening your heart to the beauty of you, to experience your soul essence in its beauty and light.

~ Give Voice to Your Authentic Self ~

Offered by Kathleen Hendrickson, M.A. Metaphysical Psychotherapy

House of Wellness, 4 Springville Rd., Hampton Bays NY

Sunday, February 12, 12:30 – 3 PM

$45/session at the door - $40 pre-registration

Call: (631) 566-8816

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~ Give voice to your authentic self ~

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