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Exploring Gene Keys to Unlock Your Purpose

Release Old Patterns and Open your Heart More Fully.

“There is truly magic in the world and it is not something what I would have ever believed. The magic is in who we are, embedded into our own marvelous bodies like a rich vein of gold just waiting to be discovered. When we find this magic and tap into its power, it is as if we are suddenly plugged in to life at last.” Ra Uru Hu, from Human Design, The Science of Differentiation, 2011.

Our thoughts, experiences, sensations, and actions are imprinted in the cells within our body and interact with our DNA. As we open to our authentic and unique expression, we bring an inner resonance to our experience of being.

The Gene Keys and the Human Design System combine the astrological events at the time of our birth with the I-Ching to provide deeper understanding. This work, received through transmission to Ra and expanded upon by Richard Rudd offers contemplative insight in to actualizing your unique and authentic you.

Our body contains all the information it needs to allow us to live in a place of wholeness and presence.

Offered by Kathleen Hendrickson, M.A. Metaphysical Psychotherapy

Joshua’s Place, 30 Sanford Place Southampton NY

Saturday, January 21, 12:30 – 3 PM

Suggested donation $40/session

Pre-registration will allow Kathleen to provide you with your Gene Key Golden Path and Human Design Charts for use during the informative work sessions. You will be asked to provide your date, time and location of birth upon enrollment. Credit cards accepted. Optional purchase of Gene Keys, Unlocking The Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA by Richard Rudd $25, available on line or from Kathleen.

Call 631-377-3234 Email:

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