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On Listening to Our Body Wisdom

Aura-Soma Subtle Anatomy

Yoga House On Listening - 1 - 3 PM, Jan 15, 2017

Embedded in our cells are neurochemical memories of experiences, both trauma and ecstasy.

Our brain has billions of cells.

Our solar plexus has about 1/3 as many cells that hold emotional memories and the capacity to receive information from our environment.

We access this knowledge of our body by becoming present, Be-ing in stillness.

As humans, we are told creative stories of who we are, both as individuals and as members of our families and tribes. These stories act as a default setting as we navigate the path of our life.

However, we are genetically programmed to evolve for preservation of our species - we are pushed or driven to challenge these engrained stories that have served to define us as individuals and societies.

In this time of shifting awareness, our stories are falling away as we come more fully into living mindfully and purposefully. Stories no longer serve us. The act of Being moves us into an increasingly fulfilling experience of our life and purpose.

I offer an opportunity to bring your soul awareness into the seed of your beginning of this life as you grounded your physical body, and open to the One Consciousness of which we all are. As you open this awareness of consciousness into your physical being, channels of higher perspective allow you to sit in presence, to release the shadow of your ego and limiting emotional beliefs that no longer service you. You remember the beauty of your heart and essence – it was always there.

Group and private sessions are offered by Kathleen:


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