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How is it that our inner lighthouse can keep us moving in the best possible direction, even  during stormy and trying times?

Survival is encoded in our DNA. Our biology, our autonomic nervous systems, when triggered, goes into fight or flight mode. Our biological systems close down in response to what is sensed as possible danger.

For those of us 50+, our systems can become inaccurate and over-reactive resulting in underlying stress or difficulty in making...

June 16, 2017

Your body contains all the information it needs to allow you to
live in a place of wholeness and presence.

The Gene Keys combine the astrological events at the time of your birth and  your DNA as it correlates with the ancient wisdom of the Vedic I Ching. This workshop offers techniques and resources for contemplative insight to bring deeper awareness of your unique and authentic purpose.

§  Attune to Your Soul Star

§  Unlock your Higher Purpose Hidden in Your


October 30, 2016

“Every human being carries the entire evolutionary memory of humanity within their body…we are unconsciously driven by this memory.” Richard Rudd

What reflection do you see when you are speaking with another? Do they reflect the positive side of your nature? Or the hidden shadow of your worst fears about your self? Do you project an ugliness on them that is your own hidden ugly beliefs and perceptions, pushed down and out of your awareness.

The species saving...

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What a Stye Taught Me

June 26, 2019

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August 11, 2017

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