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As I spend time with my five year old grandson, I am honored with the pleasure of observing and evoking snippets of memory of what it was like to be five. The free-spirited girl who loved to safely play among the filbert trees in our rather large backyard and create imaginative scenes with my favorite dolls allows me recall the light-hardheartedness and trusting young girl. She still remains integral in my sense of being and encoded in my DNA.

In that play,...

Are you someone who dreams of “Having It All?”

Kathleen's interview with Nancy Mathews on April 5, 2018 is now available for replay.

Do you sometimes feel that having it all comes with a big price? Perhaps too high of a price to pay?

My friend and colleague, Nancy Matthews, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Founder of the global organization, Women’s Prosperity Network, and an extraordinary woman who demonstrates having it all and loving it, brought u...

How is it that our inner lighthouse can keep us moving in the best possible direction, even  during stormy and trying times?

Survival is encoded in our DNA. Our biology, our autonomic nervous systems, when triggered, goes into fight or flight mode. Our biological systems close down in response to what is sensed as possible danger.

For those of us 50+, our systems can become inaccurate and over-reactive resulting in underlying stress or difficulty in making...

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What a Stye Taught Me

June 26, 2019

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August 11, 2017

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