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July 22, 2017

I remember the child who skipped and sat in the grass in front of the old school building finding daisies to make daisy chains with Joan. Moments of presence suspended in time allowed my desires for the future and any pain from the past to vanish into vapor.

A happy hearted girl, I remember the full body experience of being truly me.

     I suppose we were working class folk, who by the grace of Dad's WWII veteran status were able to afford a ho...

"How can I possibly remember this trauma that comes solely through family stories?"

As an Aquarian Septuagenarian, I tell my story in the event that you find it worthy of your interest and as an example of the many faceted layers of our psyches and the uniqueness of every human being. A key to happiness is acceptance of our innate nature.

The womb at best is a peaceful preparation for entrance into this often-chaotic world. Yet even in the gentle rocking of th...

December 12, 2016

"When I'm a grown up and make enough money, I will........."

spoken in a discussion with my dear grandson while driving him to his Karate class.

Can you remember......what did you see as an eight year old that you wanted to change to improve the world in some way, to bring heart coherence to those you care about?

These placed intentions remain in our deeper levels of consciousness. They carry empathy for a given situation, perhaps with our parents or with suf...

October 7, 2016

Metaphysically, we are a fractal chip of the whole.

Expectations and intricate plans carry with them tension and fear. “What if I fail? What if I invest all this energy and it doesn’t happen?” The young child knows to trust that all will be safe and right. They find the space and time for moments to be ordinary, to experience the simplicity of being.

A premonition or the sense of trust in the direction we take comes in that ordinary space of being. The beauty...

September 14, 2016

      I still recall the feeling of belonging, being safe, secure, #authentic and connected to a higher purpose as I sat in that spot under the tree hearing the melodic trickling of the creek. I enjoy recalling this deeply embedded memory and  sometimes revisit those moments as I dawn a pair of jeans, particularly when the legs are rolled-up a bit. 

     Our small town in the Willamette Valley of Oregon had two primary industries: forest...

July 11, 2016

Remember your child within when you were free of concern, judgment, and expectation – you were simply being your self. You were fully present.

Presence comes easily to the young child. Watching a toddler or infant as they freely move their bodies, as they observe their environment, or taste their fingers in their mouth, we see them being present. In the three-year-old arranging train tracks for Thomas the Train, the young girl rocking her doll and humming, th...

June 10, 2016

Summer sleep away camp experiences had a rich depth to them – allowing the space for me to trust and open to my self - to my core essence. Church camp was a luxury in our working class household and a treasured experience.

There were evening campfires as we sat on logs in a circle, each calculating our seat to avoid the smoke filling our eyes. I recall still, the pungent smell of the fire's smoke. Songs of “Let there be Peace on Earth” and “Kumbaya, My Lord”...

May 1, 2016

Prior blogs in this series tell stories of remembering our inner child. This story is one of observing the special place of wholeness that is natural to the fortunate and healthy young child in his/her experience of Being.


A charming way to step into being in the moment is to play with a three year old – relaxing and opening to the very world we innately remember from our childhood. Whether pretending to be Thomas the Train, or animating a shovel while diggi...

April 20, 2016


 Near my childhood home in Southampton, there was an abandoned property where I used to hang out. A long curved driveway provided a darkened path up through wildly overgrown evergreens, raspberry vines, and daylilies up to a large house, perfectly intact and fully furnished inside, but deteriorating outside.


The nearby garage had big holes in the roof, but I used to climb up there for elevated picnics, enjoying the contemplative and somewhat mysterious atmo...

April 13, 2016

When I was a child we spent summers in Hampton Bays at my grandparents' cottage. It faced a spring-fed creek that flowed out to Shinnecock Bay.


The earliest experience, of which I have no recollection, was when my mother and I spent the hurricane of 1938 in a closet in the cottage.


My earliest memory is of spending time outside, beyond the back yard of the cottage in a wooded half acre where small oak trees grew. Sitting on the ground, I...

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