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When we listen, our physical body gives us cues to subconscious calls for change. #changemakers #leadership #synarchy #innovators #expression

The Backstory: In a small, studio cottage beside Shinnecock Bay, some 35 years ago, in this small retreat, I sought insight into my deep struggle and a seemingly impossible life. I stole hours away from my job and family to meditate and study the sources of knowledge that I respected. I hoped to find congruence in the words of Carl Jung, and his concepts of the Persona - Self - Shadow. I was sitting in my SHADOW with a sense that my SELF could be reclaimed i...

As I spend time with my five year old grandson, I am honored with the pleasure of observing and evoking snippets of memory of what it was like to be five. The free-spirited girl who loved to safely play among the filbert trees in our rather large backyard and create imaginative scenes with my favorite dolls allows me recall the light-hardheartedness and trusting young girl. She still remains integral in my sense of being and encoded in my DNA.

In that play,...

Are you someone who dreams of “Having It All?”

Kathleen's interview with Nancy Mathews on April 5, 2018 is now available for replay.

Do you sometimes feel that having it all comes with a big price? Perhaps too high of a price to pay?

My friend and colleague, Nancy Matthews, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Founder of the global organization, Women’s Prosperity Network, and an extraordinary woman who demonstrates having it all and loving it, brought u...

How is it that our inner lighthouse can keep us moving in the best possible direction, even  during stormy and trying times?

Survival is encoded in our DNA. Our biology, our autonomic nervous systems, when triggered, goes into fight or flight mode. Our biological systems close down in response to what is sensed as possible danger.

For those of us 50+, our systems can become inaccurate and over-reactive resulting in underlying stress or difficulty in making...

August 11, 2017

Beautiful tools to contemplate and live our personal journeys for higher expression of our individual experience of being.

July 22, 2017

I remember the child who skipped and sat in the grass in front of the old school building finding daisies to make daisy chains with Joan. Moments of presence suspended in time allowed my desires for the future and any pain from the past to vanish into vapor.

A happy hearted girl, I remember the full body experience of being truly me.

     I suppose we were working class folk, who by the grace of Dad's WWII veteran status were able to afford a ho...

June 17, 2017

We often forget to take care of our heart - the gem that allows us to be more caring of others, once we learn to take care of our self.

A summer newsletter with essay, gene key events and more.

June 16, 2017

In a safe and confidential setting, you will experience ways to reframe
and release these patterns and re-open your beautiful heart.

Awareness allows each of us to rewrite our stories with deeper understanding and acceptance. Each time a trigger occurs in our day-to-day life our autonomic nervous system switches into fight/flight mode, creating inner stress from our learned and often unconscious patterns of response. Our heart closes in self-defense.


June 16, 2017

Your body contains all the information it needs to allow you to
live in a place of wholeness and presence.

The Gene Keys combine the astrological events at the time of your birth and  your DNA as it correlates with the ancient wisdom of the Vedic I Ching. This workshop offers techniques and resources for contemplative insight to bring deeper awareness of your unique and authentic purpose.

§  Attune to Your Soul Star

§  Unlock your Higher Purpose Hidden in Your


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June 26, 2019

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August 11, 2017

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