The Path to Harmonious Power

SynarchyNY* Our Mission is to provide life-changing self-empowerment tools and training to synergize the productivity of the entire team.


Kathleen Hendrickson, MA, and her team provide consultation and training to

organizations to optimize the creativity and potential of the team.


Employees often default to a mode of indifference, unnecessary attempts

to control the team, create inertia to action, and more.


Our focus is to identify counterproductive patterns and teach alternate solutions

to effect creative, collaborative, and productive action.



*Synarchy is the self-organizing of individuals to work harmoniously to create and bring about the highest potential in their contribution to the whole. As each individual comes to recognize and respect their own purpose and genius, they naturally respect the diverse points of view and roles of their team, group, or family. Prosperity for all comes about when individuals grow into their inner purpose and contribute to the collective whole.


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